An idea, a dream, a philosophy of life.

Il Moralizzatore is the result of the courage and passion of a veterinarian and a pharmacist. After years spent tasting numerous wines and visiting a growing number of vineyards, we decided to realise what, only a few years earlier, seemed like a dream, an idea…

While we may not have fully understood how to cultivate the precious fruit of the vine, what was perfectly clear to us from the outset was the desire to create chemical-free wines. Genuine and easy to digest wines.

It was precisely this desire and commitment that led us to create the società agricola il Moralizzatore: a passion that became reality after our first harvest.

“Our greatest aspiration has always been to transfer the qualities of our territory into each bottle … we believe in autochthonous varietals”


Enamoured of nature and the outdoors since childhood, Enrico studied Veterinary Medicine with a major in Horse Medicine. He has been practicing since 2006. Dedicated study and skills acquired over the years in agronomy led him, in 2011, to found the società agricola Il Moralizzatore together with his friend Andrea. He is responsible for work in the vineyards, the cellar and logistics/management.


With a degree in Pharmacy and years of work with people helped him develop excellent relational skills. A lover of food and drink rooted in tradition, since 2011, in addition to cooperating in productive activities, Andrea is responsible for il Moralizzatore’s commercial activities. .