Our philosophy of agronomy focuses on creating natural, biodynamic wines with an authentic heart; this requires an approach consistent with the territory that hosts our vineyards, coupled with the strength, and the courage, to listen to Mother Nature.

Our job is to respect the characteristics of the soil and plants, acting wisely and sensibly to extract the maximum quality from each varietal of grape and each parcel of land.

By adopting the principles of biodynamic agriculture, such as green manure, permanent grass cover and biodynamic compost preparations, we cultivate grapes without using any chemicals, fully respecting the territory in which we operate. The entomofauna that populates our vineyards is an integral and fundamental part of microbiological processes and soil fertility.


We work in the winery the same we work in the vineyards, introducing no corrective measures. Manual processes (grape selection, manual destemming on wood trays, etc.) and exclusively spontaneous fermentation ensure that we maintain the integrity of our grapes and their original organoleptic properties.

We use no mechanical filtering systems, choosing instead to simply respect the time needed for the static decanting of the largest particles of our wines after fermentation.


We use no chemical pesticides or herbicides anywhere in our 3 hectares of vineyards. We prefer to exploit what nature offers us, for example permanent grass cover and green manure. This helps improve the ecosystem of the vineyard and the fertility of the soil.

The manual sewing of green manure is followed by the spraying of cow horn manure (preparation 500) to stimulate heightened microbiological activity. This is followed by a spraying of silica (preparation 501) on the leaves of the vines to improve photosynthetic activity.

Biodynamic agriculture admits no systemic treatments or oenological corrections. We let nature dictate the rhythms of our work and respect the phases of moon.